Global Energy Transition 2024

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Event Overview

New York, NY, USA
2024 - Jan 1, 2024
Amidst complex geopolitical tensions, volatile supply chains and the urgent need for rapid cuts in global emissions, the energy transition has reached a critical inflection point. In an era defined by uncertainty, where the gap between expectations and reality is widening, global industry must rise to imagine the unimagined and create possibilities despite disparity.

We must critically evaluate the status of the energy transition, re-scrutinize success, and ask the hardest questions around the reality of, expectations for, and pathways towards net-zero. Are we on the right track? Are we setting realistic and tactical goals? Can the gaps be bridged by action and technology? Do we need a new agenda to the green future?

Keynote Speaker

Mark Carney


Chair & Head of Transition Investing

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Event Date

2024 - Jan 1, 2024

Event Address

New York, NY, USA