Energy Transition Summit

Europe’s most significant energy conference

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Event Overview

Kristalpromenade, Halfweg, Netherlands
Mar 20, 2024 - Mar 21, 2024
Future of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit brings together senior leaders from incumbents, innovators, policy makers and investors to advance the transition towards a renewable energy ecosystem.

It’s the energy conference for decision-makers committed to accelerating Europe’s energy transition.

Keynote Speaker

Frank Meyer

Since 1 April 2021 Frank Meyer has held the position of CEO of E.ON Italia and is also a Board Member of E.ON Italia. Having joined the E.ON Group in 2016, Meyer was Senior Vice President B2C & E-Mobility Global of E.ON and CEO of E.ON Solutions, managing globally the development of innovation and new areas of business. Since 2016, he has been in charge of creating and developing the division of the E.ON Group dedicated to the Future Energy Home and E-Mobility. The business, which broke even in just three years, has experienced rapid and steady growth, expanding into 12 countries, including Italy Frank Meyer is a PhD in Physics and Mathematics and received his PhD in Physics from the Max Planck Institute. Before joining E.ON, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group and subsequently held various positions at Vodafone. The professional experience gained in various countries and the knowledge of six languages give him an international profile of global class. Meyer was recently included by the German newspaper Handelsblatt among Germany’s top 100 innovators.

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Event Date

Mar 20, 2024 - Mar 21, 2024

Ticket Price

Pou 895.00 - Pou 1,495.00 Pound

Event Address

Kristalpromenade, Halfweg, Netherlands